About us

Borůvka Praha o.p.s. is a nonprofit organisation for disabled people, which was established in 1998. Its mission is to provide integration of people with physical disabilities into society and to promote the idea of independet life philosophy.

Core activities:

  • Transportation for childrech and youth with physical disabilities to educational institutions
  • Physioterapy for disabled
  • Work-training programm for graduates with disabilities in café TA KAVÁRNA and in handcrafts shop Obchůdek Borůvka
  • Employing people with disabilities as seamstresses in sheltered workshops and as shop asistants in charity secondhand Koloběh

Our main partner is Jedlička institute, school for disabled students in Prague.

If you are interested in our work and need to communicate in english, please contact Veronika Moudrá, v.moudra@boruvkapraha.cz

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